Meet the G-PACT team

Happy Awareness Month! To begin the month, we'd like to formally introduce you to some of our core team members here at G-PACT. Our team is made up of volunteers, most of whom are patients themselves. We work pretty hard behind the scenes, so we're putting the spotlight on those who help keep us up … Continue reading Meet the G-PACT team

Beyond My Chronic Conditions

Today is G-PACTs 17th Birthday! Over seventeen years, one idea has turned into something so much more. G-PACT founder, and president Carissa shares a piece of her story, and who she is beyond her chronic conditions. You can hear more about Carissa and her story on our birthday Facebook video. Those who don't know Carissa, she's … Continue reading Beyond My Chronic Conditions

The Gastroparesis Pie Face Challenge

As you've been following along during awareness month, it's likely you've been hearing about pies. What's with the pies? Below Andrew Belliveau writes about the Pie Face Challenge, and how it came to be! (Originally shared on The Mighty Site.) Walt Disney once said, “I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing: that … Continue reading The Gastroparesis Pie Face Challenge

13 Reasons Why I Keep Fighting

Sometimes, when chronic illness gets to be too much, it's easy to forget why we keep fighting. Today, blogger Stephanie Torres shares how she reminds herself to keep fighting, and why. If you have watched the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why or read the popular, yet controversial book by Jay Asher, you may quickly pick … Continue reading 13 Reasons Why I Keep Fighting

Stomas and self-love

Gastroparesis can change our bodies in many ways. For some of us, that change can mean some form of a feeding tube. These changes can make us look at our bodies differently, and can also make us feel differently about our bodies. Pact Blog writer, Carolanne talks about her story with a feeding tube, and her … Continue reading Stomas and self-love

Keeping a food journal

When you're first diagnosed with gastroparesis, it may take a while to figure out what foods you tolerate, and what foods you don't. Without keeping track, it becomes difficult to remember what you ate and when, and what symptoms you had. Keeping track makes it easier to remember, and can be helpful when seeing your … Continue reading Keeping a food journal

Being tired with Chronic Illness

Following the holidays, you may feel more exhausted than usual. On top of what you may deal with day to day with chronic illness, you may be experiencing more exhaustion than you're used to. What does it mean when you say you're tired? You know the tired you feel can't simply be cured by a nap … Continue reading Being tired with Chronic Illness