Eating with Gastroparesis: Low FODMAP Diet: What it is + why it is beneficial

By: Carolanne Monteleone First off, I need to preface this with a reminder that what may work for one person with gastroparesis may not work for another. This is simply a general rule of thumb and helpful tool to aid you in balancing food and delayed gastric emptying. To start off with the basics, here aContinue reading “Eating with Gastroparesis: Low FODMAP Diet: What it is + why it is beneficial”

Gastroparesis Awareness Month

Happy Awareness Month! If you don’t already know, August is Gastroparesis Awareness Month! Each year, G-PACT posts all month long sharing stories, information, fundraisers and more! Our goal is to bring more awareness to Gastroparesis and highlight patients from our awesome community. Each Monday, we’re sharing a patient story. Some of you may know aboutContinue reading “Gastroparesis Awareness Month”

Honor Patient: Katie

Today’s Honor Patient, Katie shared about how equine therapy made a difference in her life. I can’t remember a time  where I didn’t love riding horses,but I never knew how beneficial it would be in my battle against chronic illness. When diagnosed  with severe gastroparesis, digestive tract paralysis & chronic pseudo-obstruction,EDS & POTS some doctorsContinue reading “Honor Patient: Katie”

Honor Patient: Hannah

Continuing on with our Honor Patients, today hear from Hannah Setzer. Read below about how she has incorporated daily movement and exercise safely into her life, and what that means to her. My name is Hannah and I am totally feeding tube fed. I was born with a rare medical condition that affects my lymphaticContinue reading “Honor Patient: Hannah”

Meet the Team: Samantha

To continue with our Meet the Team posts, this week we’re sharing a little about Samantha! What is your current role with G-PACT? I am the Vice President, and newsletter editor What brought you to G-PACT? Well, I found G-PACT when I was first diagnosed with gastroparesis back in 2014. I had the opportunity toContinue reading “Meet the Team: Samantha”