Champion Patient: Dalia Chokr

It’s the last Friday of the month, and our last Champion Patient of awareness month. This week, we feature Dalia Chokr. While Dalia is no longer with us to share her story in her own words, some of us who had the honor to call her a friend have gathered some thoughts and stories toContinue reading “Champion Patient: Dalia Chokr”

Exercise and Chronic Illness

There’s been some talk about exercise and chronic illness in the last few weeks. Before the fundraiser officially kicks off this Saturday, September 1st, our PR Director & Pact Blog Editor Samantha has some tips for exercising safely! With the virtual run fundraiser coming up, I wanted to take some time to talk about exerciseContinue reading “Exercise and Chronic Illness”

Social Media and Chronic Illness

You’ve probably reached this post on the Pact Blog through some form of social media. Writer Nancy talks about social media, and how it’s impacted the chronic illness community. Social media is getting lots of bad press these days (for selling private information), but for those of us with chronic illnesses, social media is aContinue reading “Social Media and Chronic Illness”

Champion Patient: Lauren

We’re on our third Friday of Awareness month, can you believe it? Because it’s Friday, we’re featuring another Champion Patient story. This week, Lauren Reimer-Ethridge.  I (Samantha, Pact Blog Editor) have had the privilege to get to know over the last few weeks, and am excited for you all to get to know her asContinue reading “Champion Patient: Lauren”

Beyond My Chronic Conditions

Today is G-PACTs 17th Birthday! Over seventeen years, one idea has turned into something so much more. G-PACT founder, and president Carissa shares a piece of her story, and who she is beyond her chronic conditions. You can hear more about Carissa and her story on our birthday Facebook video. Those who don’t know Carissa, she’sContinue reading “Beyond My Chronic Conditions”

Early Satiety and Dealing with Hunger

One of the most common symptoms of GP is early satiety and fullness. Unfortunately, this often also revolves around hunger. Pact Blog writer Nancy gives some tips on dealing with both! Early satiety is the feeling of stomach fulness after only consuming a small amount of food. It is also a symptom of Gastroparesis (GP)Continue reading “Early Satiety and Dealing with Hunger”

When Nausea Takes Over – Creating the Alternative Tummy Toolkit

Nausea is one of the most common, and sometimes one of the worst symptoms of GI diseases. Most take nausea medicine, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Pact Blog writer Stephanie recently shared some alternatives to try when the nausea is too much. One of the most unsettling and tough to manage symptoms of gastroparesis is nausea.Continue reading “When Nausea Takes Over – Creating the Alternative Tummy Toolkit”

Champion Patient: Courtney Faber

Another Friday, another Champion Patient. This week, we introduce Courtney Faber and her story of life with gastroparesis. When I was just hardly a year old, I had a swollen finger and painful wrist. Nothing too severe, but never in a million years did my parents think that swelling would lead to needing an intestinalContinue reading “Champion Patient: Courtney Faber”

Crazy Gastroparesis Stories

Not too long ago, we asked on our Facebook page for our followers to share their craziest stories after being diagnosed with gastroparesis. We had TONS of responses!! While we couldn’t share them all, here are some of the craziest ones that were shared!  My personal craziest experience was throwing up while driving….and I driveContinue reading “Crazy Gastroparesis Stories”

Working with Chronic Illness

Working when you have a chronic illness, like Gastroparesis, is a challenge. However, for those who are able to work, there are strategies and actions that you can put into place to improve your workplace experience. Pact Blog writer Nancy has some great advice on navigating the two. Work Accommodations What you should research beforeContinue reading “Working with Chronic Illness”