Important Parenthood Preparations When You Have a Disability

When you have a disability or chronic illness, sometimes the idea of having a child can be overwhelming and even feel impossible. For those of us who are able, but struggle to feel prepared, Jackie Waters has compiled a some ideas to help ease the transition into parenthood. When your baby arrives, life will change … Continue reading Important Parenthood Preparations When You Have a Disability

Gastroparesis Registry

If you’re like many gastroparesis patients, when you first got ill you visited your doctor or an ER trying to find out what was wrong and come up with a plan to feel better.  Unfortunately, even though your symptoms may have pointed to gastroparesis, doctors don’t normally think of it.   Those that do might ask … Continue reading Gastroparesis Registry

How Pets Become Family

When illness strikes, the world can begin to feel lonely. It's no secret that isolation is a side effect of illness; often one we don't talk about enough. Some of us are lucky enough to have a companion that helps us feel less alone. Our Pact blog editor Samantha shares how her cat became more … Continue reading How Pets Become Family

GP Myths

Pact Blog writer Nancy busts some myths about gastroparesis, and provides us with some information and resources. Being diagnosed with Gastroparesis (GP) can be overwhelming. Facebook and on-line chat groups for GP suffers are a great place to read about personal experiences and ask questions, but there’s a lot of information and not all of … Continue reading GP Myths

DDNC 2018

Ever wonder about the events G-PACT participates in throughout the year? Samantha tells all about her experience at this years DDNC event! Every year, the DDNC (Digestive Disease National Coalition) puts on an event in Washington DC. During this two day event, representatives from groups such as G-PACT, physicians, patients, and patient advocates get together … Continue reading DDNC 2018

Holy Grail Anti-Nausea Products for GPers

If you have gastroparesis, you know what it's like to be nauseous all the time. Sometimes, nausea medications just aren't enough. So what should you do? Pact blog writer Carolanne came up with a great list of products to try. Battling gastroparesis is no easy feat. With little treatment options available, it often feels like … Continue reading Holy Grail Anti-Nausea Products for GPers

Advocating for Yourself

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you and your doctor aren't on the same page? Do you find yourself struggling to explain yourself to your doctor? Learning how to advocate for yourself can be difficult. Pact blog writer Nancy has some great information and tips on learning how to advocate for yourself.   My … Continue reading Advocating for Yourself