The Undiagnosis

We’ve all been through the “undiagnosis phase” of chronic illness. This can cause a lot of stress and frustration. New Pact Blog writer Nicole shares her story with being un-diagnosed.   Before you get “sick”, you hear about others having health concerns such as diabetes, lupus, arthritis (just to name a few well known ones).Continue reading “The Undiagnosis”

What Keeps Me Going

Sometimes living with a chronic illness can feel like a constant struggle. Sarah reminds us to remember what we’re fighting for, and encourages us to continue to look for the joy in life. All of you with chronic illnesses can understand me when I say that sometimes, the struggle is very real. Chronic illness canContinue reading “What Keeps Me Going”

College with a Chronic Illness

Carolanne is a new writer here at the Pact Blog. She is 25 years old. She lives with gastroparesis, dysautonomia, polycycstic ovarian syndrome, anxiety, panic disorder, body dysmorphia, depression, bile reflux, chronic fatigue syndrome, and suspected of having EDS. She is an animal activist, a gypsy soul, independent thinker, a big sister, an unconditional lover,Continue reading “College with a Chronic Illness”

Guest: Rachel Burchfield on her hard choices about TPN

Hello Readers, Rachel Burchfield is a 21-year old who runs a blog called PositivelyRachel. There she covers multiple topics including her fight against her multiple chronic illness, one of which is gastroparesis. Rachel recently wrote an insightful article about the decisions she has had to make about how to get the nutrition she needs. ItContinue reading “Guest: Rachel Burchfield on her hard choices about TPN”

Patient Headlight: Lynn Wolfson – what she lost and what she gained

As we wrap up Digestive Tract Paralysis Awareness month we’d like to bring you one last Patient Headlight feature. These features have been about just a few of the many amazing people in our beautiful community who have shined their light brightly in the dark. Today we’re talking about Lynn from Fort Lauderdale whose formContinue reading “Patient Headlight: Lynn Wolfson – what she lost and what she gained”

Patient Headlight: Sarah Holloway – sharing her sight

During this awareness month, we’ll continue sharing the stories of people who are having an impact on the community. We can’t find all the heroes, but here’s one, Sarah Holloway, who has learned a lot from her own struggles and the struggles of others. Sarah Holloway – Sharing her Sight by Jim Sliney Jr 8/25/17 SarahContinue reading “Patient Headlight: Sarah Holloway – sharing her sight”

I’m Proud of What I’ve Overcome as I Cope with Digestive Tract Paralysis

Hello PACTBLOG readers, Here, we’d like to share an article with you from our partners over at The Mighty. An article by a brave young woman named Allison. You can find the original article here. I’m Proud of What I’ve Overcome as I Cope With Digestive Tract Paralysis By Allison Healy Wheeling down the hallway, IContinue reading “I’m Proud of What I’ve Overcome as I Cope with Digestive Tract Paralysis”

Patient Headlight: Andrew Billeveau

We’re 3 weeks into Gastroparesis Awareness Month and we’ve got to tell you about Andrew Billeveau. This young man is the reason so many of you have pie stuck up your nose – he’s the inventor of the Pie Face Challenge to raise GP awareness! 8/23/17 by Jim Sliney Jr   In Lynn, Massachusets thereContinue reading “Patient Headlight: Andrew Billeveau”

Lee Anne: Her DTP and how she got the brush off from a “specialist”

August is DTP/Gastroparesis Awareness Month so we bring you a story from about the struggle of a young woman with DTP and how the specialist she went to see wasn’t so special. See the complete article here: Lee Anne: Her DTP and how she got the brush off from a “specialist” Or read on… LeeContinue reading “Lee Anne: Her DTP and how she got the brush off from a “specialist””

Patient Headlight: Abigail the Visible

8/16/17 Patient Headlights are a way we here at G-PACT can acknowledge heroes from the Gastroparesis community. Today we’d like you to meet Abigail Miller, a young woman who is learning how to live with her gastroparesis. Abigail Miller is from Pineville Louisiana and she has had gastroparesis since September of 2010. Well, that’s notContinue reading “Patient Headlight: Abigail the Visible”