Honor Patient: Marie Clune

Last week, we shared our first patient story from a member of our community. This week, we're sharing a little more from our Public Relations director, Marie. I can vividly remember the first month of being sick, even though I did not realize I would be chronically ill at the time. I was in a … Continue reading Honor Patient: Marie Clune

Meet the G-PACT team

Last week, we introduced you to one of our members of the team, Carolanne. To continue to get to know the team, today we'd like to share a little more about our Public Relations Director, Marie Jefferson-Clune! What is your current role with G-PACT? Director of Public Relations -What brought you to G-PACT?  I have … Continue reading Meet the G-PACT team

Honor Patient: Rachel Briggs’ Story

Each week this month here at the Pact Blog, we're featuring a story from a member of our community. We have enjoyed getting to know these people, and know you will too. First up, Rachel Briggs. My story begins when I was 12. I suffered with a very severe eating disorder (Anorexia subtype purging) and … Continue reading Honor Patient: Rachel Briggs’ Story

Meet the G-PACT team

Happy Awareness Month! To begin the month, we'd like to formally introduce you to some of our core team members here at G-PACT. Our team is made up of volunteers, most of whom are patients themselves. We work pretty hard behind the scenes, so we're putting the spotlight on those who help keep us up … Continue reading Meet the G-PACT team

Are you nauseated?

Nausea is one of the most common symptoms when dealing with gastroparesis and similar digestive diseases. Check out our guest post from Double Wood Supplements below on some ways to handle nausea. Nausea is one of the most common ailments and symptoms of illness. Much like we use the terms “cold-like illness” and “flu-like symptoms” … Continue reading Are you nauseated?

DDNC 2019

Each year, the digestive disease national coalition puts on an event in Washington, D.C. In March. It's a two day event where patients, doctors, and other representatives get together and speak at the house and senate. Together, we all advocate for better healthcare. Click here to read a recap of our PR director Samantha's first experience … Continue reading DDNC 2019

Season of Thanks

Not long ago, we asked our GP community to share what they are thankful for. When living with chronic illness, it can get easy to see the struggles, but it’s important to share our victories, and what we’re thankful for. Here is what the community had to say: I am thankful for my good days … Continue reading Season of Thanks