Meet the Team: Samantha

To continue with our Meet the Team posts, this week we’re sharing a little about Samantha! What is your current role with G-PACT? I am the Vice President, and newsletter editor What brought you to G-PACT? Well, I found G-PACT when I was first diagnosed with gastroparesis back in 2014. I had the opportunity toContinue reading “Meet the Team: Samantha”

Meet the G-PACT team

Happy Awareness Month! To begin the month, we’d like to formally introduce you to some of our core team members here at G-PACT. Our team is made up of volunteers, most of whom are patients themselves. We work pretty hard behind the scenes, so we’re putting the spotlight on those who help keep us upContinue reading “Meet the G-PACT team”

Champion Patient: Lauren

We’re on our third Friday of Awareness month, can you believe it? Because it’s Friday, we’re featuring another Champion Patient story. This week, Lauren Reimer-Ethridge.  I (Samantha, Pact Blog Editor) have had the privilege to get to know over the last few weeks, and am excited for you all to get to know her asContinue reading “Champion Patient: Lauren”

The Gastroparesis Pie Face Challenge

As you’ve been following along during awareness month, it’s likely you’ve been hearing about pies. What’s with the pies? Below Andrew Belliveau writes about the Pie Face Challenge, and how it came to be! (Originally shared on The Mighty Site.) Walt Disney once said, “I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing: thatContinue reading “The Gastroparesis Pie Face Challenge”

Champion Patient: Danielle Crull

Every Friday for DTP Awareness Month, we’re featuring a champion patient. Each one shares their story in a different way, and each writes to inspire the community with their journey. First up, Danielle…… It’s like night and day. That’s how Danielle Crull describes her life before and after Gastric Per-Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (G-POEM). A certifiedContinue reading “Champion Patient: Danielle Crull”

The importance of self care

This month, the Pact blog will be sharing a variety of information for DTP Awareness Month. Today, Pact blog writer Carolanne shares how important self care is, especially when living with a chronic illness. In a life with chronic illness, there are a plethora of things we can’t control. We can’t control flare ups, whenContinue reading “The importance of self care”