Gastroparesis Acronyms

    As you navigate Facebook and the internet, you may come across a variety of unfamiliar terms related to Gastroparesis. Melissa Adams VanHouten, the ADMIN for several Gastroparesis groups and one of the co-authors of Real Life Diaries: Living with Gastroparesis, along with some additions from blogger Nancy Brown, has developed the following list … Continue reading Gastroparesis Acronyms

Guest: Rachel Burchfield on her hard choices about TPN

Hello Readers, Rachel Burchfield is a 21-year old who runs a blog called PositivelyRachel. There she covers multiple topics including her fight against her multiple chronic illness, one of which is gastroparesis. Rachel recently wrote an insightful article about the decisions she has had to make about how to get the nutrition she needs. It … Continue reading Guest: Rachel Burchfield on her hard choices about TPN

Patient Headlight Feature: “TPN Saved My Life” by Samantha H. Smith

"I never thought I would rely on an IV for the majority of my calories. I never thought I’d get malnourished enough that I’d need it. And now, I’ve been on TPN about a year and a half. "


In this guest post by writer and runner Samantha H Smith, we hear about loss - sadly, an ongoing problem in the gastroparesis community. Samantha has dealt with plenty of it, but she finds strength somehow. "It's Okay Not To Be Okay" - by Samantha Smith 05/15/17 I've been sitting here trying to write about loss … Continue reading IT’S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY