Getting Ready for the Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful. Read below how Samantha navigates through the holiday season! As wonderful as the holiday seasons are, the average person can feel more stress than usual. When you worry about your health, day to day life can go from manageable to impossible in the blink of an eye. Three thingsContinue reading “Getting Ready for the Holidays”

What Keeps Me Going

Sometimes living with a chronic illness can feel like a constant struggle. Sarah reminds us to remember what we’re fighting for, and encourages us to continue to look for the joy in life. All of you with chronic illnesses can understand me when I say that sometimes, the struggle is very real. Chronic illness canContinue reading “What Keeps Me Going”

Dear Gastroparesis

By: Samantha Smith   Dear Gastroparesis, First of all, you should know that I don’t like you. You’re not a fun part of my life. You cause me pain. You made it difficult, and in some cases, impossible, to eat normal foods. You took away a basic human need. You took my health from meContinue reading “Dear Gastroparesis”

College with a Chronic Illness

Carolanne is a new writer here at the Pact Blog. She is 25 years old. She lives with gastroparesis, dysautonomia, polycycstic ovarian syndrome, anxiety, panic disorder, body dysmorphia, depression, bile reflux, chronic fatigue syndrome, and suspected of having EDS. She is an animal activist, a gypsy soul, independent thinker, a big sister, an unconditional lover,Continue reading “College with a Chronic Illness”