6 thoughts on “15 People with Gastroparesis Describe What it Feels Like (re-post from The Mighty)

  1. I am new to GO so this is how I feel. I walk around with constant nausea not knowing if it’s even safe to breath due to throwing up. I contemplate should I eat or should I not….is today a good day or a bad day? It’s like a pending doom all day…I feel like I have been punched in the gut over and over again.

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  2. It is like playing Russian Roulette, some times eating is ok (no nausea or vomiting) and other times eating ends in extreme pain, nausea and vomiting. It’s like Freddy is in my stomach shredding it to pieces

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  3. The hunger pains trick you. You still have food in the stomach but your body is telling you to eat more. Feeling like you just ate a three course meal but it was two bites. Your body goes into starvation mode. You feel like CRAP.

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  4. It is a nightmare you never wake up from. It is having to keep a throw up bowl by your bed in case you can not make it to the bathroom. It is having to live with a feeding tube you hate but knowing it is helping keep you alive.


  5. It’s like my insides are on fire. And the pressure extends up my chest to my neck. So then I just don’t eat cause it’s not worth the pain. Now on a feeding tube 24/7 due to weight loss and lack of nourishment.

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  6. It’s like I’ve eat Thanksgiving dinner everyday. I eat one big meal everyday early so by the time I go to bed at night I can sleep without pain.


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